Order Terms and Conditions

All orders are to be prepaid. In the event on-site ordering takes place or additional labor is requested, the client must provide payment before further services are provided. Payment is due upon placement of the order in U.S. Dollars.

(1) Cancellations of equipment & services must be received two weeks prior to event a 25% cancellation fee will apply two weeks before the event, a cancellation of 50% will be incurred one week before the event, and if cancellation occurs on confirmed delivery date a 100% cancellation fee will apply.

(2) It is understood and agreed that the customer is renting from AVRexpos, Audio Visual Equipment inventory for a specified period of time and the payee responsible for its safe return. Customer agrees to be billed for any damages or loss of the equipment other than caused by normal operation.

(3) Customer must be present to take Acknowledge proper setup of equipment (*if the customer is not present it is understood herby that the client is responsible for equipment once equipment is delivered to the location, any return trips by our labor will result in a rebill of the delivery, setup, pickup fee)

(4) In the event that freight, drayage or Union charges are incurred to AVRexpos, all expenses will be billed directly to your account, (the afore mentioned fees are typical of events in markets with Union operated facilities and services.)

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