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LED Wall Rentals

Our LED Wall Rentals are available for trade shows, general sessions, and events. These LED Video Wall Tile Rentals are customizable and will have a maximum impact on your audience. Used in trade show booths, scenic for staging at a large speaking engagement. In place of projection screens. LED Video Wall Tile Rentals allow you to stand out and showcase your products. In a way other technologies will not.

We have worked tirelessly over the past two decades to purchase the most advanced LED video wall technology available to our clients. We carry LED panels in sizes 1.5mm, 1.9mm, and 2.9mm. Our video wall technology can be used to deliver an experience that is large and lavish or small and restrained. We suggest our large stock of Unilumin Upad III 2.6mm LED for your large-scale events, and for small.

The 2.6mm Unilumin UPADⅢ indoor tiles create a new standard in LED. The ultra-lightweight, efficient in design is versatile. The optional curving plates allow for up to 5-degree convex and 10-degree concave curves. AVRexpos offers ground support and hanging options.

LED Video Wall Rentals offer 1200 nits of brightness. Allowing for the LED to hold up under heavily lighted indoor situations without video washout and a smooth display image with a 2880Hz refresh rate.

Each LED tile measures 19.69in square and can be built into any size and configuration. The lightweight 19.8lbs tile construction, and low-power draw make LED screens an achievable solution for just about any application today. 2.6mm Unilumin UPADⅢ has the ability to run at either 208V or 120V power, making the lack of high-voltage, onsite power an issue of the past

Our panels could be just what you are looking for in your next trade show booth, general session, corporate sales meeting, or private event!


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