Wireless Internet Rental

Wireless Internet Rentals

AVRexpos Wireless Internet Rentals and WiFi HotSpot Rentals are a necessity for your trade show or event if you want to be secure. Connectivity is key for yourself, your vendors, and event attendees when you want to share data.
Our Verizon WiFi HotSpot Rentals allow you to directly tether to the hotspot as a hard wired ethernet connection. They also offer wireless connectivity with a secure network. Our hotspots allow you to access your secure network with a custom password of your choosing. This allows you peace of mind that you to have a secure connection wherever you are.

We offer  3G and 4G Mobile Broadband Wireless Internet Rentals. These rental options provide a standalone internet option completely free from the in-house WiFi or the ‘Free WiFi’ you get from event venues that is unsecured and open to risks to your data. The cost venues charge for a hard wired connection can be well over a $1,000 for the entire show. Save yourself money and secure your data with one of our wireless internet rentals.


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