ARP Solena String Ensemble


It is a multi-orchestral instrument with Viola, Trumpet and Horn as well as Cello, Contra-Bass, and Cello sounds.

You can engage each of these sounds by turning individual switches. This allows for many configurations.

Contra-Bass and Cello sounds can only be found on the lower 20 keys. The four remaining sounds can be played along the length of the keyboard and are polyphonic.

The sounds can be difficult to use on their own and are not very realistic. The string sounds become richer and more shimmery when they are combined, especially when the Chorus effect is engaged.


ARP Solena String Ensemble, a fully-polyphonic multi-orchestral synthesizer that features a 49-key keyboard and is manufactured by Eminent BV (famous for their Solina brand).

It can be used to make the sounds of viola and cello as well as trumpet, cello, contrabass, horn, cello and trumpet.

To make the keyboard polyphonic, it uses an 'organ-style' divide-down technique. The instrument's distinctive sound is due to its built-in chorus effect.

ARP Solena String Ensemble was used by Air, The Eagles, Elton John, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Joy Division, OMD, Josh Wink, STYX, Tangerine Dream, Keane, Japan, and New Order.

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