Audio Technica 853 Choir Mic Rental


It features a flexible steel hanger that grips the suspended cable and capsule, enabling easy microphone placement without excess hardware.

It has rich audio quality, detailed signal reproduction, small profile and flexibility make it an excellent choice for capturing choirs, theatrical performances, lectures, sermons, etc.


Hanging Microphone is designed for accurate signal reproduction in theaters, houses-of-worship, conference halls, boardrooms, schools, professional recording applications and more.

Audio Technica 853 Choir Mic features a wide frequency response and highly sensitive cardioid capsule.

The cardioid pickup pattern provides a focused pick up area by minimizing noise and ambiance at the off-axis sections of the microphone.

The result is a focused pick up without residual room noise and feedback. The wide, linear frequency response ensures transparent, accurate reproduction of both vocals and instruments.

A low frequency roll-off switch eliminates rumble and noise associated with room ambiance, acoustics, wind, proximity effect, etc.

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