Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350



  • A feature-packed, multi-functional moving head plot with a 75 W LED
  • Create crisp gobos at any distance using the motorized focus
  • Use the 3-facet rotating prism to split the beam and create a larger area.
  • Quickly and easily change gobos using the convenient gobo door
  • Use the electronic dimmer to achieve super-smooth LED fade
  • Increase the light beam angle by 5deg using the manual zoom
  •  Use user-selectable tilt and pan ranges to plan light wherever you want it
  •  Reduce programming time by using built-in set aside macros
  • Quickly run wires and extension cables by power-linking multiple units
  • Without a break, shows with an individual reset of pan/tilt color, gobo and prism
  • Sound-activated programmes dance to the beat of the music
  • Create a synchronized show in master/slave mode using easy-to-access automated programs


Intimidator Spot LED 350 has been acclaimed as one of the most powerful fixtures within the Intimidator range.

This fixture is significantly brighter than other higher-watt LED fixtures on the market. It features a 75-watt LED and superior optics.

The feature-packed, high-tech moving head features a motorized focus that projects crisp, rotating gobos at all distances.

The rotating 3-facet prism divides the beam to maximize coverage and effect, and interchangeable gobos allow you to customize and vary the show.

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