Choral Choir Riser Rental – 3 Tier with Rail


The Tourmaster is perfect for Choir performances, audience assembly, and media/press platforms. These STEEL PLATFORMS offer a rugged and sturdy design. Multiple size options allow you to configure a choral riser system suitable for your requirements.


Our platforms measure in size from 2′-8′ Wide, and 1′-8′ Deep – perfect for any situation – Children, Adults, Chairs, Instruments, and more.

We can go as high as you want, and offer Chair Stops & Safety Railings for additional safety and security.


Each Section = 3 Tiers

Each Tier Size = 4′ Wide x 2′ Deep

Tier Heights:
1st Level – 8″ High
2nd Level – 12″ High
3rd Level – 16″ High


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