INFiLED 1.9mm Fine Pixel Indoor LED Tile Rental


Our INFiLED’s indoor 1.8mm fine pixel-pitch LED panel is perfect for tradeshows or corporate events where you want your audience to be as close as possible. With a 1.8mm pixel pitch, the INFiLED 1.8mm offers a very good picture quality with high contrast ratio, made possible thanks to its Black package technology, and new processing. The dry-hire product is easy to handle thanks to its optimized design with all-round edge protection and additional mounting and dismantling aids, making it ideally suited for tough rental requirements.


Pixel Pitch (mm): 1.8
Brightness (nits): up to 1200
Application: Rental
Environments: Indoor
IP Rating: IP30

Key Features

  • Sleek slimline design, die-cast aluminum housing
  • Black LEDs for superior HD image
  • Deep blacks & vibrant colors
  • Separate & exchangeable power and control unit
  • Smart Lock, Foot Click & Side Blade innovations

The price shown is an average, prices vary by location.

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