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Intelligent lighting-stage lighting that has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional, stationary illumination. Allows for production of extraordinary effects through programming. Used for events and trade show booths.

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AVRexpos Intelligent Lighting Rental has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional Lighting. Our intelligent lights can produce extraordinarily complex effects for any event. Intelligent Lighting Rentals are not only smart themselves but have a wide array of features. Including programming of basic movement and color rotation. All colors of the spectrum are available on the Intelligent Lighting Rental as we use the latest in LED Intelligent Lighting technology. Order with us today and be amazed.

We carry a very large inventory of Intelligent Lighting Options.

We are now offering Intelligent Lighting Rentals in the below cities:

Baltimore | Boston | Dallas | Houston | Indianapolis | Las Vegas | New Orleans | New York City | San Diego | San Francisco | Washington DC |

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