Korg Kronos X 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation



  • Larger SSD than previous model
  • Now 3GB of sampling RAM
  • 9 sound engines, each offering a unique sound-creation technology
  • 16-part Combis allow all engines to function together in perfect harmony Dynamic Voice Allocation keeps the polyphony high
  • Feature Korg’s finest RH3 Graded Hammer Action 88-key keyboard
  • Comprehensive interface, based around a new large 8″ TFT TouchView display
  • Virtual Memory Technology (VMT), aided by a fast SSD (Solid State Disk) provides high polyphony and massive, ultra-long, and unlooped samples
  • Smooth Sound Transition allows held or sustained notes to keep sounding when changing sounds or modes
  • 12 Insert effects
  • 2 Master effects
  • 2 Total effects


The 88-key Kronos X builds on the legendary Kronos Music Workstation. It has a larger SSD and the option to add another SSD to increase storage. There is also 2GB of sampling RAM, which allows you to access more of your sonic tools X-tra fast. You can now enjoy seamless connections between your sound and you, without long loading times. You can also use OS v.2.0 preloaded to convert your own samples into EXS library files, which can be played directly from the internal SSD. Standard USB-ethernet adapters will allow for incredibly fast file transfers so that you can spend more time working on your music than waiting.

Additional Features

  • Set List mode: Organize the Programs, Combis, and Songs you need to perform your set in a single, easy-to-select screen”including performance notes
  • Use up to 16 premium-quality effects at once; individual effects rival dedicated units:
  • Onboard sequencer offers 16 MIDI tracks + 16 audio tracks (24-bit, 48kHz recording quality)
  • Open Sampling System: Instant sampling and resampling from any mode: Program, Combination or Sequencer
  • Sophisticated KARMA technology generates infinitely variable performance-driven phrases, musical effects, and backing tracks to catalyze your creativity
  • Expanded Drum Track for play-along grooves and inspiration
  • Si nature sounds created with guidance from world-class musicians

The Next-Generation Instrument is for Live, Production and Sound Design

The Kronos X Music Workstation is the instrument that’s best suited for live performers, artists working in a studio environment or computer-based production; and musicians and sound designers looking for the ultimate synthesizer. Korg listened and complied with the requests of many musicians when creating Kronos.

LIVE – for the performing keyboard player
Kronos X offers the best keyboard sounds, being responsive and accurate to every player’s technique. You can use the large control surface to adjust joysticks, sliders and knobs as well as switches, buttons, ribbon controllers and assignable pedal inputs. Korg’s Smooth sound transition feature and the Set List mode, which allows for song-specific or gig-ready sound selections, have been added. It also includes Korg’s best RH3 keybed.

PRODUCTION: Providing satisfaction to the music director, producer, and musician
Many consider the studio the place where they do their best work. This includes laying down tracks and creating grooves for live performances, as well as delivering the soundtrack to today’s media-rich world. Korg has provided the Kronos X Music Workstation with 16 tracks of MIDI tracks and 16 audio tracks. Korg’s Open Sampling System and stunning hi-fidelity effects are also included. The Kronos X Music Workstation can be integrated with most popular DAW platforms. Kronos also features incredible sound and dynamic drums as well as an impressive range of premium sound effects. You can also use KARMA (explained further below), the Drum Track and the sequencer’s RPPR to enhance and speed up the music creation process.

SYNTHESIS: Programming joy for the enthusiast and sound designer
Kronos X is Korg’s most powerful workstation. It also has the ability to satisfy the sound designer, programmer and synthesizer fan; the musician who dreams about turning visions into sound, or tweaking parameters to create invisible sounds from the ether. Kronos X rekindles Korg’s original dream of synthesis, the joy and exhilaration of creating new sounds. Korg’s exclusive technologies are used to power the synth engines and produce amazing results.

9 Synthesizer Engines – All in One Instrument
Kronos X includes 9 different synthesizers/sound engines. Each one is a distinct product and deserves its own instrument, but Kronos X combines them all into one integrated instrument. New technologies and dynamic voice allocation allow sound engines to seamlessly share a stable, enhanced platform. These results are simply stunning.

SGX-1 Premium Piano
Piano sound engine
Korg used Virtual Memory Technology (VMT) to capture the richness of concert pianos. Two distinct grand piano models are available with the SGX-1 Premium Piano sound engines: a Japanese C model and a German D piano. Each one uses unlooped stereo sounds that are sampled at 8 velocity levels per key. The piano sound is preserved with great care and attention to detail. This includes sampling and reproducing body resonances and mechanical noises that occur when the keys are pressed or released. Kronos can confidently deliver this sonic ideal because the piano is the foundation of any keyboard instrument.

EP-1 MDS Electric Piano
Sound engine for electric piano
Korg’s EP-1 sound engine was designed to faithfully recreate 6 of the most iconic electric pianos. Multi-Dimensional Synthesis (MDS) technology eliminates velocity-switched sample transitions and the unnatural behavior that looped samples can have. The MDS technology gives the user unique control over the tines and reeds that create the timeless, highly-coveted electromechanical instruments. MDS sounds respond to the subtleties of the keyboard touch. The technology has an incredible dynamic range, which allows for the accurate preservation of the energy in climactic passages. Each electric piano model provides a realistic simulation of the period amp, cabinet and speaker as well as the rare vintage effects that gave these instruments their unique sound. Every element of the electric piano experience has been unified into one package.

CX-3 Tonewheel Organ
Tonewheel organ sound engine
In 1980, the original Korg CX-3 combo-organ was released. This classic organ is beloved by musicians all over the globe. In 2000, a new version of this organ was released with the same name but the most recent technology to accurately model the sound of the tonewheel organ. The CX-3 engine in Kronos accurately models the classic tonewheel instrument. Korg technology was used to reproduce the vacuum tube amplifier, as well as effects like Vibrato/Chorus or the “must have” rotary speaker. Obsessively studied and reproduced every aspect of the tone wheels, including fold-back, leakage and instability. Korg’s EX mode allows you to switch between 9 to 18 drawbars (13 footages plus 5 for percussion definition) to create richer, more detailed sounds. You can now play the organ sounds from legendary performances, some of which were recreated by the original artists. These organ sounds are now available for you to enjoy.

HD-1 High Definition Synthesizer
Flagship PCM, Wave Sequencing, and sampling sound engine
Korg’s HD-1 was named High Definition because of its exceptional sound quality. It features Korg’s low-aliasing sample playing oscillators, full bandwidth multimode filters and extremely smooth envelopes and LFOs. Korg’s SSD technology and Virtual Memory Technology (VMT), give the HD-1 access a larger sample set, “gigabytes” in size, than could be stored with internal memory. The HD-1 provides access to all essential sounds, including orchestral, classic rock, and hip-hop. Kronos X offers a vast array of samples that are unmatched by any other hardware synthesizers and samplers. This makes it a great choice for sound effects, film and video.

Wave Sequencing
Wave Sequences were first introduced on the Korg WAVESTATION and are now used in the HD-1. They play a series if samples over time to create distinctive rhythmic timbres, or smooth, evolving sounds. Wave Sequences can also control any Program parameter that is modulable with step-sequencer outputs.

Ambient Drums
Korg’s Ambient Drums are also included in the HD-1 sound engine. This rich sample content allows you to create realistic drum parts. Ambient Drums come with two kits. Each kit has three miking positions that capture the entire kit (with the snare off and on) as well as individual hits. HD-1 voice architecture permits custom mixing of the drum’s sound and the ambient sound layer to give the track a finished sound.

AL-1 Analog Synthesizer
High-fidelity analog modeling sound engine
The AL-1, a feature-packed sound engine for analog modeling, is the same one that was featured on the Korg OASYS (Open Architecture Synthesis Studio) back in 2005. The AL-1’s ultra-low-aliasing oscillators, which use a completely different technology from the HD-1, recreate the power and glory that comes with true analog synthesis. You can change the shape of your oscillators in real-time with Morphing waveforms. Resonance modeling allows you to choose from classic filters sounds. The multifunctional MultiFilter makes it possible to create hybrid filter shapes. Tone-twisting power is available in hard sync, analog FM, drive, low boost, and ring modulation.

MS-20EX Legacy Analog Collection
Analog modeling sound engine
The MS-20 synthesizer was introduced in 1978. It unified a 37-note keyboard and a vertically-oriented control panel. This made it easy to use for those who were not enamored by large, expensive, and bulky synthesizers. The MS-20 was a synthesizer that captured the attention of many synth lovers. It had a rich sound, powerful filters and patching that allowed for unlimited possibilities to create sounds. The MS-20EX uses Korg’s CMT technology (Component Modeling Technology). It faithfully reproduces the MS-20 and dramatically expands its patch panel functionality. Modulate filters using audio-rate oscillators. Turn audio inputs into control signals. Control all original knobs with mod source including additional envelopes and LFOs. The MS-20EX is a true tweaker’s dream. However, even without the patch panel the MS-20EX will make waves due to its distinctive filters. These filters are totally different than those in the AL-1 and the PolysixEX. The KronosX version is very polyphonic.

PolysixEX Legacy Analog collection
Analog modeling sound engine
The Polysix was first introduced in 1981. It offered six-voice polyphony and program memory at a very affordable price. The PolysixEX expands the capabilities of the original by adding a smooth analog oscillator and suboscillator as well as a self-oscillating 4-pole filter and smooth Chorus/Ensemble effects. When you are looking for the sound of the early 1980s, the strings and pads of the PolysixEX will prove invaluable. You can also get the classic Polysix arpeggiator. Korg has added modulation to every control on its front panel for an infinite number of sounds that were not possible with the original. You can also control it with the Kronos’ Tone adjust; this includes a slider, knob or switch that allows you to use almost all the original Polysix controls. It can also produce extremely high levels of polyphony.

MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM synthesizer
VPM/Waveshaping/PCM processing sounds engine
The MOD-7 combines Variable Phase Modulation, wave-shaping and ring modulation with subtractive synthesis and modular patch-panel systems. It is extremely versatile and can be used with classic FM keyboards, bells, or basses. You can also import sounds from old DX synths. You can create rich processing environments with immense sample-mangling power and flexibility. You can combine multiple stages, wave shaping, and ring modulation. Even use samples as FM modulators.

STR-1 Plucked String synthesizer
Sound engine for physical modeling
This struck/plucked string physical modeling sound engine is based on Korg’s many years of experience in physical modeling. The STR-1 starts with highly-playable sounds whose tone responds in ways that are hard for a PCM soundengine to duplicate. These sounds include an acoustic, electric, clavinet and harpsichord. The STR-1 allows you to create sounds that follow physical laws but don’t exist in real life. The STR-1 allows you to play harmonics or sing into a guitar string. The physical model can be used to process audio and audio feedback, including samples. Although some Kronos engines are retroactive, this engine allows synthesizer programmers to create truly unique sounds.

Premier Artist Contributions
Korg asked renowned musicians to help them achieve their personal sound design goals. Many world-class musicians responded positively to the call for help. They listened carefully and spent a lot of time listening to the sound in order to make it respond as they intended. Several artist signature sounds were evaluated, compared, and then tweaked by Russ Ferrante and Jordan Rudess as well as Lyle Mays and George Duke.

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