Korg MS20 Monophonic Vintage Synthesizer


The Korg MS20 Monophonic vintage synthesizer sounds amazing and is also an excellent learning-synth.

The MS-20 is intuitive and easy to use. The MS-20 is intuitive and easy to use. (filters). Two VCAs were also available, Sample and hold.

A noise generator. An assignable mod-wheel was available. There were many knobs.

The VCF filter (filter) can perform high-pass and low-pass as well as notch and band-reject. This is an unusual feature that is not available in a low-pass style filter.

External sound sources can be routed by the filter section. William Orbit uses the MS-20 filter to adjust and filter his samples.


The Korg MS20 Monophonic Vintage Synthesizer is a wonderful instrument that sounds great and is also a great learning-synth.

The MS-20 is easy to use and intuitive. You can also learn more about signal flow and synthesis by doing this.

It is used by William Orbit and Aphex Twin, Hardfloor and SkyLab, Stereolab, Vince Clarke.

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