Korg MS2000 Analog Synthesizer



  • 44 velocity-sensitive keys
  • 4-voice polyphony
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • 2 audio inputs
  • Mono/stereo output


Korg MS2000 Analog Synthesizer beauty combines the best of analog physical modeling synth sounds and a vintage Korg appearance.

This sounds just as good as it looks! Remember Korg's MS-series (the MS-10, MS-20 and MS-50)? The MS series, or MonoSynth, is Korg's most highly sought-after analog synths.

These were the first compact patchable monosynths and they had great Korg sounds. Although the MS2000 may be somewhat "hardwired", it provides just as much flexibility and a straightforward approach to old-fashioned editing via dedicated buttons, knobs and flashy lights.

Instead of using actual patch cables or input jacks the MS2000 has a cool "Virtual Patch", which allows signal to be routed to different sections of the synth (ie LFO, Filter, Keyboard Velocity) by using the LCD display.

You can also paging through multiple screens.

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