Korg Triton Extreme 76 Synthesizer Workstation



  • 160MB of clean, crisp 48kHz wave ROM
  • Sizzling new samples
  • 4 entire classic Korg collections
  • The best of 3 additional Korg collections
  • 1,334 programs
  • 50 drum kits
  • 1,280 combinations
  • 120-note polyphony
  • 2 LFOs
  • 21 waveforms
  • 42 alternate modulation source (AMS) types
  • 51 modulation destinations
  • 489 arpeggiator patterns
  • Astounding 16-bit 48kHz sampling
  • Stellar sequencing
  • Killer control interface
  • Exhilarating valve-driven effects
  • TouchView display panel
  • Joystick
  • Ribbon controller
  • 2 assignable switches
  • Accommodates assignable pedals


Under the sleek, blue exterior of the Korg TRITON Extreme 76 Key Workstation lies 160MB of crisp, 48kHz wave ROM. This is 5 times the ROM as the original TRITON. The massive ROM contains a wealth of new samples, including expressive guitars (both electric and acoustic), woodwind, brass, and organs with natural vibratos. There are also authentic choirs, organs, and new concert grand pianos. TRITON Extreme includes all of the sample sets from the Trance Attack, Orchestral Collection and Vintage Archives expansion boards. It also contains the best material from Dance Extreme, Studio Essentials and Pianos/Classic Keyboards collection; as well as the complete TRITON Studio sample pack.

Korg's TRITON Extreme 76 is a multi-purpose work station equipped with a ton of tastefully sampled and synthesized sounds, powerful sequencing tools, and a host of effects and features.

Mounds of Sounds

The TRITON Extreme offers a wealth of sounds. It has a unique and unmatched collection. Preload data, created by top programmers in this game, includes an amazing 1,334 programs as well as 50 drum kits. There are 1,280 combinations that can be added to this, each containing up to 8 programs. They can also be split, layered and zoned. There are still more GM level 2 presets available, which contain 256 programs and 9 drum sets. You can spend as little as 10 seconds listening to each preset sound. This will add an extra hour to your 8-hour workday.

Unchained sound-creation horsepower

Two tone generators work together to produce 120 notes of polyphony. Korg's highly-acclaimed hyper integrated synth engine produces stunning audio quality with incredible sound editing control. For precise sound shaping, each oscillator is processed with a multimode filter. Each LFO offers 21 waveforms and can be synced with the sequencer, arpeggiator or other MIDI gear. You can also add new life to your sounds with 42 alternative modulation source types (AMS) and 51 modulation destinations. Add 6-voices DSP modeling (stolen form the legendary Korg Z1) to your TRITON and you'll make everyone else look like a fool.

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