Mackie 1604VLZ3 Mixer



  • 16 Studio-Grade XDR2 Extended Dynamic range mic preamps with:
  • Ultra-wide 60dB gain range
  • Dynamic range 130dB
  • +22dBu line input handling
  • Extended low frequency response
  • Distortion under 0.0007% (20Hz-20kHz)
  • Studio condenser microphones require phantom power
  • 16 high-headroom line inputs
  • 16 channel inserts
  • Rejection of RF by Advanced DC Pulse Transformer
  • Logarithmic taper faders that are 60mm long and wear well
  • 4 Aux sends, level and pan, -20dB/Solo, Overload/Mute LEDs for each channel
  • 4 stereo Aux returns; 8 direct outs; 4 group/bus outputs
  • 3-band Active EQ, with sweepable middlerange
  • 18dB/oct 75Hz Lo-Cut filter
  • Multi-source matrix Control Room/Phones
  • Balanced 1/4″ inputs & outputs (except for inserts)
  • Rack-mountable design featuring 3 configurations via rotating I/O pod
  • Seal-able rotary controls resist dirt and grime
  • Multi-voltage power supply designed for worldwide use
  • Sturdy steel chassis
  • Tracktion 3 Music Production Software Mac or PC

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Mackie 1604VLZ3 Mixer Premium 16–Channel/4–Bus Compact Mixer continues the legacy of its 1604–VLZ Pro mixer.

The 16 second-generation XDR2 mic preamps are studio-quality and the 1604-VLZ3’s sound quality is greatly improved. For extreme versatility, all channels have insert points and line level inputs.

Rotopod allows you to choose from 2 different desktop configurations and 3 rackmount configurations. It can be used worldwide thanks to the multi-voltage power supply. The versatile 1604-VLZ3 Compact mixer is ideal for both live and studio use.

Tracktion 3 Music Production Software

Tracktion 3 Music Production Software doesn’t make you bounce around endless menus and windows to make music.

Based on a simple, single-screen interface, the award-winning Tracktion 3 is a fast, powerful, and complete solution for turning your ideas into finished songs.

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