Mackie 802VLZ3 Mixer



  • Ultracompact 8-channel mixer featuring Mackie VLZ3’s signature low noise, high-headroom design
  • 3 studio-grade XDR2 Extended Dynamic Range mic preamps with:
  • Ultra-wide 60dB gain range
  • 130dB dynamic range
  • +22dBu line input handling
  • Extended low frequency response
  • Distortion under 0.0007% (20Hz – 20kHz)
  • Phantom power for studio condenser mics
  • 8 high-headroom line inputs
  • Advanced DC pulse transformer RF rejection
  • Aux send, level, pan and PFL solo on each channel
  • Selectable Instrument inputs on first two channels no DI box needed
  • Stereo Return for connecting effects processor or other stereo source
  • 3-Band Active EQ (80Hz, 2.5kHz, 12kHz)
  • 18dB/oct. 100Hz Lo-Cut filter on Mic input channels
  • ALT 3/4 stereo bus for added versatility
  • Control Room/Phones source matrix
  • High-resolution 12-segment stereo meters
  • Sealed rotary controls to resist dust and grime
  • Sleek, rugged steel chassis

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The Mackie 802-VLZ3 mixer is compact and packs a lot of great features in a small, slim package. The 802-VLZ3 mixer’s small size should not be misunderstood.

It is all-pro and all VLZ3. The mixer features the same VLZ3 high-headroom / low noise design, which makes it a favorite on stages and studios worldwide.

It also includes premium XDR2 preamps, a modern summing bus architecture, and an ultra-musical EQ. The 802-VLZ3 is ideal for both home studios and portable applications.

Super-Musical Eq for Super Tweaking Attitude

The 802-VLZ3’s 3-band ActiveEQ gives you precise control over all frequencies, giving you the ultimate in sound shaping.

Mackie spent a lot of resources optimizing the center frequencies and improving the interaction between the separate EQ bands. This allows you to tweak your tracks and create the perfect sound.

You can quickly and easily shape your tone with low shelving at 80Hz, high shelving at 12kHz, and mid peaking at 2.5kHz.

You can also use the 100Hz low cut/high-pass switch on each mic input to keep any muddiness from your sound and give lows an extra punch when used with the LowEQ.

Fully featured, professionally done

The 802-VLZ3 is a pro mini-desk that offers a complete set of mission-critical mixing instruments. Five channel strips allow you to quickly access your mix while bright 12-segment Stereo meters enable for precise metering.

You can connect external components such as effects units and mp3 players to the Stereo Return channel. This allows you to incorporate your favorite sounds and prerecorded material in your tracks. Hi Z inputs are available on channels 1 and 2, which allow you to record instruments like electric guitars and basses directly.

No external gear is required. Phantom power is also provided for studio condenser microphones. You can easily adjust your gain and use high pass filters to reduce low frequency rumbles below 100Hz on channels 1 and 3.


Compact, lightweight, and rugged chassis

You can now have your mixer and place it in your workspace. The 802-VLZ3’s slim profile makes it easy to fit in even the most congested areas.

The 802-VLZ3 mixer is also built like a tank. Mackie’s solid-steel chassis is built to withstand the same abuse as other competitors’ fragile boxes.

Mackie uses co-molded pots instead of the cheap, unsealed potentiometers. They offer significant strain relief and impact relief.

Mackie’s control knobs are placed just above the chassis’ surface. This means that if anything falls on the mixer, the impact will be transferred from the knobs onto the chassis and not the circuit boards or potentiometers.

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