Mackie CR1604-VLZ 16-Channel Mixer



  • 16 low noise/high headroom XLR mic inputs (–129.5dBm E.I.N.)
  • 16 balanced/unbalanced mono line inputs
  • True 4-bus design
  • Inserts on all channels
  • Direct outs on chs. 1–8
  • 3-Band EQ with sweepable mids
  • Low Cut Filter on all channels
  • PFL/AFL (Solo In-Place) on every channel (global)
  • Very Low Impedance (VLZ) architecture
  • Control Room/Phones source matrix
  • 6 aux sends, 2 with master level controls
  • Wide input gain range with “virtual pad” Mono main output with level control
  • Balanced inputs and outputs (except RCAs, phones & inserts)

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Mackie CR1604-VLZ 16-Channel Mixer is a Low-noise mic preamps with 16-high headroom and low-noise microphones allow vocals to be heard clearly.

A low cut filter keeps low frequencies from being repeated.

It was designed for tough, 24-hour-a-day usage. The mixer is extremely flexible.

This is not only because it has multiple input/output configurations but also because it features a true 4-bus architecture, 6 aux sends, and extensive routing capabilities.

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