Mackie ONYX 1640I MIC/EQ/Firewire Mixer



  • Compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered 8
  • Ideal for Use with Final Cut Pro
  • Switch Master Outs to Mic or Line-Level
  • Route Any Channel Pre or Post EQ to DAW
  • Send Auxes to DAW to Use Effects Live
  • 6 Aux Sends and 4 Sub Groups
  • Dedicated Talkback Section with Mic
  • Mac and Windows Compatible

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The Mackie Mix5 features an audio mixer section that is both flexible and well-designed for the stage and studio.

Mackie Mix5 is a 16-channel mixer that can be used for live shows or creative projects.

It features a FireWire interface and an Onyx 1640i audio mixer.  It integrates deep DAW functionality so you can harness the power of computer recording.

It is compatible with Pro Tools MPowered 8 software, making it a fully-featured audio tool that adapts to all situations.

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