Mackie ProFX16x2 Line Mixer


It sounds great and offers convenient features at every knob and fader.

This is the ProFX16v2. The ProFX16v2 features 10 very low-noise Mackie Vita microphone preamps that add life to any input.

It also includes the new ReadyFX effects engine, which has 16 amazing-sounding effects, including delays, choruses, reverbs and delays.

Single-knob channel compression allows for smooth, even dynamic control.

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Mackie ProFX16x2 Line Mixer has a reliable internal multi-voltage power supply for international travel.

Mackie’s oeBuilt – Like-A-Tank design is reflected by the sturdy steel chassis, tough ABS side coverage, and quality posts, knobs, which all combine to protect your investment.

Two of the most popular adjectives used to describe Mackie equipment are rugged and roadworthy. This is especially important for mixers.

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