Nord Electro 4 SW 73 Key Electric Organ Piano Keyboard



  • 73-key organ/piano keyboard featuring the Nord C2D B3 tone wheel simulation
  • Semi Weighted Waterfall (SW) key-bed uses semi weighted organ type keys with a rounded “waterfall” tip, useful for rapid organ and synthesizer runs
  • Redesigned key click simulation as well as the rotary speaker simulation of a vintage 122 unit
  • Nine digital LED drawbars for actively shaping the sound on the fly
  • Long Release feature suitable for legato playing styles
  • Effect section
  • Extended control pedal support
  • Replace sounds by dragging and dropping files into the Nord Sound Manager software for Mac and Windows


Both the Vox and Farfisa models, along with the B3, mimic the unique behavior and response of the original instruments. Farfisa Compact Deluxe features complex filter combinations and routing matrixes that create a unique sound with huge energy and high-end.

Each transistor organ has its own personality and can be combined to create a variety of tones. The unit also features nine digital LED drawbars that allow you to control the sound dynamically.

Nord’s Nord Electro 4 SW73 is a 73-key piano keyboard/organ with the Nord C2D tone wheel organ engine. Semi-Weighted Waterfall’s (SW) key-bed features semi-weighted organ keys with a round “waterfall” tip.

It features a redesigned key click simulator and a rotary speaker simulation of an old 122 unit with a new drive. To provide greater control over the percussion levels while playing near-legato, the percussion model was improved.

Splitting the organ allows for compact dual-manual action. It is also possible to assign lower manual to a second MIDI keypad. There are inputs for a swell pedal or rotary speaker control.

You will also find a variety of samples from the Nord Piano Library, including clavinet, grand, upright, and electrical pianos.

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