Nord Stage 3 76HP 76-Key Stage Keyboard


It offers

  • Award-winning Nord Lead A1 Synth Engine (with sample playback)
  • Nord C2D Organ Engine, an advanced piano section
  • Access to hands-on effects
  • Factor in Nord's 76-note
  • Hammer Action Portable keybed
  • Nord Stage 3 HP76 is a world-class performance keyboard.


76-key Digital Stage Piano with Synth, Organ, and Piano Sound Generators and 2GB Memory for Nord Piano Library.

You'll be able to cover a wide range of musical styles in a single session, and a slew of dedicated function controls makes it easy to tweak your sounds until they're perfect for your application.

With an amazingly lightweight design and all the sounds you'll need, the Nord Stage 3 HP76 is an outstanding performance instrument.

And with two independent instrument slots, you can load up two pianos, two organs, two synths, and effects, all simultaneously to create huge layered sounds.

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