RGBW DMX White Mini Wisp Derby Kinta LED Dance Lighting Effect



  • 2 x 12W 4-in-1 Ultrabright RGBW LEDs
  • Internal rotation coverage angle of 0-260° with a wide range of color production capabilities
  • Runs extremely cool with low heat output and power consumption, for extended use
  • Extremely long LED lifetime, rated at 100,000 hours
  • 4-button LED display on rear panel for easy access and control
  • Master/Slave linkable via XLR cable with 6-channel DMX-512 control and derby effect
  • Continuous rotation or back and forth motor control with 60 built-in programming options
  • Built-in sound-activated programming with strobe effect, static colors, and multi-color patterning


RGBW DMX White Mini Wisp Derby Kinta LED Dance Lighting Effect, a multi-faceted LED from Xstatic Pro Lighting, will electrify your audience.

The Wisp’s 2 high-powered, Ultrabright LEDs are sure to set the tone in venues big and small. They also support 6-channel DMX512 with derby effect.

The X-426LED produces a variety of shapes that complement the amazing range of colors. The Xstatic Wisp is designed for late-night dancing with sound-activated programming, low heat output and power consumption.

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