Roland Jupiter 80 Synthesizer



  • Quick, easy operation with an intuitive front panel and a color touchscreen optimised to live performance
  • Super Natural synth engines with integrated sound generators are powerful enough to produce authentic organic acoustic sounds, as well as legendary vintage synth sounds.
  • Single Tone is the equivalent of a powerful single synthesizer performing at its best. You can stack four of these to create an amazing “Live Set”.
  • Tone Blender adjusts multiple parameters of tones during performances for emotive, complex sonic movement
  • Semi-weighted synth keyboard with 76 notes and 256 voices (varies depending on sound-generator load).
  • USB-memory song player/recorder for backing tracks and quick idea capture
  • Integration with computers is easy via the built-in USB MIDI/Audio interface
  • There are three types of low-pass filters. When combined with the other type, there are four. (New in Version 2.0)
  • Five new MFX structures are now available, including the parallel connection.
  • A Registration Play screen to make it easier to access sounds during live performances (New in Version 2.0).


Roland Jupiter 80 Synthesizer is a live-performance machine pays tribute to its legendary namesake with massive sound and road-proven hardware, but blasts into the future using advanced Super Natural technology.

The JUPITER-80’s expressive, organic approach to synthesis makes a new world of sound design possible with multilayered Super Natural textures under the control of a full-color touchscreen and creative hands-on controllers.

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