Roland RD-700NX Digital Piano



  • SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine (3 kinds, 9 Tone variations and 30 Live sets), E.Piano based upon SuperNATURAL technology (3 kinds, 12 Tone variations and 30 Live sets)
  • There are hundreds of sounds, including 10 Virtual Tonewheel Organs.
  • Storage for 100 Live sets (combinations containing layers, zones and effects, as well as various tone parameters)
  • Deluxe PHA III Ivory-Feel Keyboard with Escapement
  • Innovative Sound Focus features ensure that every note is heard in the mix, even the subtle pianissimo passages.
  • Multiple processing options available for multi-effects.
  • One Touch Piano buttons give you instant access to EP and standard piano sounds
  • Four MIDI ports, four MIDI inputs and MIDI OUT/THRU are available to master MIDI control (MIDI IN, MIDI OUT x 2 x 2)
  • USB ports for data storage, audio-play functionality and data storage. Instant selection of your favorite Live Sets. Intuitive Live Set editing
  • Compatible with 50 new synth-oriented live sets


Roland RD-700NX Digital Piano is a perfect instrument for stage performances, whether you are focusing on the piano or creating a world of sound via master MIDI controls.
Roland celebrates a milestone in the RD-series with the introduction of the RD-700NX. With its exceptional sound, touch and control, this instrument sets new standards for onstage performance.
The new flagship stage piano features a SuperNATURAL Piano sound system, an electric piano sound based on SuperNATURAL technology and a deluxe PHA III PHA III Ivory Touch Keyboard with Escapement. It also has a unique Sound Focus feature.

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