Roland V-Synth GT Synthesizer


Roland’s V-Synth GT instrument is a special instrument that combines the V-Synth s legendary Elastic Audio Synthesis engine and revolutionary Articulative Phrase Synthesis technology.
It is unmatched in its expression and realness, as well as its ability to create never-before-heard sounds. A color touch-screen display that displays colors with a wide viewing angle and multiple forms of advanced synthesizing will be available under the control of an icon-driven interface.


Roland V-Synth GT Synthesizer technology is also included in the V-Synth GT. The V-Synth GT, which also includes an analog-modeling engine and External Audio input as well as a digital sampling architecture, provides an extremely wide and colorful platform for creating, manipulating, and capturing sounds.
Roland V-Synth GT Synthesizer has AP (Articulative Phrase SYNTHESIS) SYNTHESIS. This innovative method of modeling recreates the changing behavior, nuance, and sound of an instrument while it is being played. These results are astonishingly expressive and real-life and can be used to simulate acoustic instruments as well as create new sounds that have never been heard before.
Sound Shaper II allows for easy, efficient programming. Multiforms of advanced synthesis are available under the control and guidance of an icon-driven interface. The performance behavior of the new AP (Articulative phrase) SYNTHESIS technology is modelled.
The nuance and performance of musical instruments is also possible with Roland’s Elastic Audio Synthesis engine and Vocal Designer. Sound Shaper II allows for easy, efficient programming. Futuristic, high quality industrial design Color touch screen display with wide viewing angle Multicore Synthesis The V-Synth GT combines Elastic Audio Synthesis, Vocal Designer technology and AP-SYNTHESIS in real-time.

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