Shure FP42 4-Channel Stereo Mixer



  • Flat frequency response with low distortion and high output level.
  • Protected from RF interference, damage due to input overload and shorted outputs
  • Four transformer-coupled, XLR inputs are available with each microphone-line switchable and can be equipped with low-cut filters or cuing functions.
  • For precise spatial positioning, full-separation pots with center dent at each input are available.
  • A built-in tone oscillator allows for line testing and level checking.
  • Transformator-coupled XLR outputs with mono-stereo and microphone-line switches, left- and right-channel.
  • Stereo headphone jacks with level control (1/4-inch, mini)
  • Mixing bus jacks left and right.
  • For high-level input signals, active feedback-type gain controls without input attenuators.
  • Master level controls for left- and right-channels and ganged headphones level control.
  • Powered by either an internal or external battery pack or 120 or 240V internally Selectable AC.
  • Under normal conditions, a low battery drain can provide up to 10 hours of operation.
  • Automatic and noiseless switch to or from battery power.


The FP42 has stereo capabilities and is ideal for mixing down in video editing suites.

There are four XLR transformer-balanced microphone/line inputs, and two outputs (one each for each stereo channel).

All inputs have pull-pot cueing for channel previewing. Low-cut filters, monostereo switch and mix bus linking are available. Rack-mountable with the A16R.

Three standard 9-volt alkaline battery packs or 120/240 VAC power.

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