Sound Devices CL-8 Mixer For 788-T


Key Features

  • Aluminum & Steel Construction
  • Bus-Powered
  • 8 Faders
  • Tactile Buttons
  • LED Indicators
  • USB Connectivity
  • Robust aluminum and steel construction for professional field use
  • Can be mounted to the top or bottom of the 788T, or used remotely
  • Bus-powered via USB connection
  • USB pass-thru for keyboard connection
  • Set of 8 large, rotary faders for input level control
  • Tactile buttons for control over high-pass filter, limiter, polarity, and muting
  • Quick and simple routing to the Mix and Aux tracks
  • CL-8 firmware adds additional record tracks that can be monitored, recorded, and routed
  • LED indicator lights
  • Slate mic button

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Sound Devices’ powerful mixing control unit, the CL-8, is designed to be used with the 788T digital sound recorder. The CL-8 can either be attached to the 788T, or remotely used to control the mixer.

Eight rotary faders control input levels. Tactile buttons allow you to control each input’s limiter, high-pass filter and polarity. Shortcuts can be used to route the inputs to the Mix tracks and Aux tracks.

LED indicators show signal presence and peak as well as left, droit, aux, limiter and high-pass status.

The CL-8 provides additional control features as well as record tracks to 788T. These can be monitored via headphones and recorded and routed into the 788T outputs.

It is bus-powered, and can be connected to the 788T via USB. An USB pass-thru port allows for the connection of a keyboard.

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