Sound Devices Mixpre-D Compact Field Mixer


Key Features

  • Compact Design
  • Mic/Line XLR Inputs with Phantom
  • Limiters and High Pass Filters
  • Standard or MS Mode Linking
  • Slate Mic and Tone Oscillator
  • Mic/Line/AES Selectable Digital Outputs
  • 24-bit USB Streaming Output
  • Headphone Monitoring
  • 16-Segment GaN LED Output Meter
  • Battery or External Power

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Sound Devices’ MixPre-D Compact Mixer is an audio mixer that can be used in a variety of situations. The MixPre-D Compact Field Mixer is a redesigned version of the MixPre.

The “D” in its name refers to the extensive use of digital technology. The MixPre-D includes a pair studio-grade mic/line-XLR inputs, with limiters, high-pass filter, and phantom powers.

Stereo recordings can be made using the inputs in either standard or MS modes. These options can be configured using the front panel controls.

MixPre-D places a strong emphasis on output due to the growing number of devices and cameras used in professional productions. The MixPre-D has two mic/line XLR outputs.

One of these can be converted to AES digital output. A TA3 consumer mic output is available, which can be used for DSLR-type inputs.

There’s also a 3.5mm aux out and a 1/4″ headset jack for monitoring. It also offers a 24-bit class-compliant USB streaming out, which allows internet connection to Mac, Windows, Linux and selected iOS devices.

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