Yamaha P85 Digital Stage Piano


You can learn and play a full piano. It's the Yamaha P-85. Outstandingly High-quality Sound.

The P-85's beautiful piano sounds are digitally sampled from a full concert grand piano.

They change in volume and tone depending on how you play them thanks to Yamaha’s sophisticated AWM Stereo sampling.

The Graded Hammer Standard (GHS keyboard) allows you to enjoy a natural, expressive key touch that is based on an actual acoustic piano. Yamaha quality in a small, affordable piano.


Yamaha P85 Digital Stage Pianodelivers all the Yamaha quality sound, dynamic and high-quality piano response in a compact, affordable digital piano that you can take anywhere.

No compromises, full quality.

Some electronic music keyboards can sound like pianos. You will feel the piano's touch and hear the stereo sounds.

Yamaha P85 Digital Stage Piano Acoustic-Like Touch Reaction AWM Stereo Sampled Tabletop Piano has arrived and is waiting to be used. Space. Space.

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